Equipment Services and Air fills

The below prices do not include the cost of the parts if these are required such as replacements etc


Wrist Seal (per wrist) £35 
Neck Seal Replacement £35
Sock Replacement £35 per sock
Pressure Test £35 (no parts required)
Leak Repair £25
Zip Replacement £75
Inflator Valve Replacement £45
Pocket Fitting £35


Full service (First, Second stage and Octo) £75
First and Second stage service £65
Regulator Repair £35
BCD or Dry Suit Hose Replacement or Fitting £10

Wet Suit

Leak Repair (patch) £20
Pocket Fitting £35
Seal Replacement £25
Zip Replacement £75


Servicing £15
Leak Repair £35
Inflator Replacement £35

Dive Computer 

Battery Replacement £15


Visual Test £35
Hydrostatic Tests and Refill £45
Failed Cylinder £20
Failed Valve £15
O2 Clean £30

Air fills

7lt, 10lt and 12lt :£6.50
15 litres: £7
Air Gun Fills: £7

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