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Have you booked your summer dive package?

North Wales is home to an array of marine life and wrecks, so don't miss out! 
Our dive packages are available from April - October and include: 

- 1 x 2 dive shore dive package or Menai dive
- 1 x boat dive 
- Weekend diving in Vivian 
- Social beach BBQ 

All of our dives are fully guided & include:
- Transport to and from the dive sites
- Tanks
- Snacks and drinks
- Dive guides 
- Small groups, of no more than 3 per guide

Book for £149

looking to try something new?

All of our try dives are conducted by higly qualified PADI Pros. The sessions include a briefing and demonstration within the on-site training area. Once comfortable, there is tehe option to move into the quarry to give you the full experiene of the equipment. 

Full face mask try dive

Book now £65

sidemount try dive

Book now £65

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